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Help us ensure all Alaska children begin school ready to succeed.

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Together, we can change the future for Alaska children

Changing the future for a child is no small task. But we know that together, we can do it! We have the research that tells us what it takes. We have the experience to show us how it's done. And most importantly, we have the people we need to make a difference. People like you.

We invite you to join us as we unleash generosity, to transform our community. Alaska families have been challenged, especially over the past couple years as our state has navigated perhaps the most polarizing times of our lives during a pandemic. All the while families continue to grow, learn, and lean on each other. Let's make sure that we do our part to support them, by providing the best foundation for life we can. A foundation that strengthens families, grows readers, and engages our community. A foundation that prioritizes the first five years of a child's life and sets the stage for their future success.

Let's come together to change the future, one child's story at a time.