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Let's grow readers and empower families together.

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Together, we can change the future for Alaska children

Changing the future for a child is no small task. But we know that together, we can do it! We have the research that tells us what it takes. We have the experience to show us how it's done. And most importantly, we have the people we need to make a difference. People like you.

When you help us get books in the home of a childl, you increase the chance that he'll start kindergarten ready to succeed. You give his parents the information and resources they need to strengthen their family. And you help them grow closer together as a family through a love of reading.

When we show families that we care, we set them on a path of learning that makes all the difference in their lives. Showing up ready for kindergarten means so much more than turning 5, having a backpack, or a box of pencils. It's not just about the tools they bring to school. What are more important are the skills they bring in themselves. And building those skills starts at home, today.

Make a gift today so we can grow readers together. Because we care.