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Babies on Track, produced by Best Beginnings, includes two baby board books with Alaska themes and a 14-minute DVD for parents:

  • Our Alaska Family (photos of Alaska baby faces)
  • Let's Talk Alaska! (objects found especially in Alaska)
  • Using delightful images of Alaska babies on location around the state, the DVD shows parents, rather than just telling them, how they can foster early learning and healthy brain development at home in easy, convenient ways.

Babies on Track is especially valuable for families with babies under 2 years of age.

The fundamental principle behind Babies on Track is that the baby brain grows more in its earliest years – before 3 years old – than at any other time in human life. It's also the time when language is taking shape in babies' brains. Reading, talking, singing, and playing are critical during these years.

T = Talk R = Respond A = Ask questions C = Connect K = Keep at it S = Sing and tell stories

When parents talk more with their babies and children and have more back & forth conversations, it all adds up to bigger vocabularies, stronger readers, and success in school.

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