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Be part of Giving Tuesday Now

Families need us to stay strong.

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Together, we can strengthen families.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the lives of Alaska parents have changed dramatically. Like many of us, they find themselves dealing with change, uncertainty, and even loss. From challenges with child care to financial pressure, and ever-changing responsibilities, families have been forced to come together and figure it all out. All the while their child is still growing, still learning, and still looking for their attention.

We've always said a child's first and most influential teacher is their parent. It's a tough job in normal times, it's a much harder one now. But they don't have to do it alone - they have you.

Now, more than ever, families need our help. They need to be reminded that this time with their child is so important, and that everything they need to keep their child safe, healthy, growing and learning is right inside them. They need us to continue to provide the resources that gives them the skills and tools they need to succeed. They need you to give them hope.

Through our daily social connections and shared stories, newsletters full of advice and resources, our continued advocacy for families and young children, and the power of books that continue to show up in the mailbox when everything else is closed, we can help families stay connected. That connection is only possible when we come together as a community to give.

Let's come together to build a stronger community, one family at a time.